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Fireguards Are Available 24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days Per Week

Fireguards Are Available 24 Hours Per Day, 7 Days Per Week

Fire Safety System Down?

Fire Code Regulations Remain Applicable

From time to time, there may be circumstances when a building or facility’s fire detection, sprinkler, & alert system is down for repairs, maintenance, or has yet to be installed or activated, as is commonly the case with renovation properties and new construction projects. However, such circumstances don’t negate fire safety regulations and building code enforcement.

Fire Safety Compliance is Mandatory

Otherwise, A Facility Can Be Compelled to Close

Whether there’s a valid reason for a structure’s fire protection system to be down or not, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), state and local governments require the operators of the facility to remain in compliance with local fire protection codes. Without a functioning fire alarm & detection system to do the job, hiring a fire watch guard is the next best option. Otherwise, the owner or manager of the building or facility will be compelled (by fines and other civil threats) to cease operations and vacate the facility.

The ultimate goal of strict fire safety codes and the fire marshals who enforce them is public safety and to limit the risk of property damage. By hiring fire watch guards, the compromised building can remain operational while in full compliance with state & local fire codes and regulations.

If you’re the manager of a facility that’s in a situation like this, securing the services of a licensed fireguard is the best temporary fix.

Not in Compliance with Fire Codes?

Hire A Professional Fire Watch Guard

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard, a division of Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc., provides 24-hour fire watch services throughout the United States of America. If you’re the owner or manager of a building or facility that must comply with fire safety regulations, contact us today for a free estimate and service quote. We provide excellent fire guards and fire watch security guards throughout the nation.

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Call 1-800-294-5538 For Fast Service!

Experience Matters!

Knowing the Job Saves Lives & Limits Property Destruction

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard either employs experienced fireguards, former firefighters, former MOS 12 operatives, or we train them in-house. When our company sends a fireguard to provide fire protection oversight for one of our clients, that operative will either have experience or expert training.

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Obtain Estimate

Obtain Estimate

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Fire Guards Arrive

Fire Guards Arrive

Our team will arrive on site and administer excellent service.

End of Service

End of Service

Service ends. Required documents are submitted to the fire marshal.

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Call 1-800-294-5538 For Fast Service!

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National Service Available

OSHA Certified • Heavily Insured • On-Time Guards

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard provides fire protection & fireguard services throughout the United States. With fire watch & guard operatives and offices in every state of the union, we’re always ready to respond to our client’s needs. None of our clients have to bear the anxiety and stress of potential fires or regulatory disasters brought forth by municipalities and state governments.

We’re Always on Call

Our fireguard teams are always ready to deploy on short notice, for short and long term contracts. Whether you have plans for hiring fireguards for an upcoming project or were just made aware of a fire safety system failure that requires immediate attention, Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard is available. Our teams are on standby, ready to provide the oversight and trained monitors needed to ensure fire safety compliance.

For more information or to schedule service, call our management team today at 1-800-294-5538.

Reasons Our Clients Chose Us

Emergency Response Ready

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard provides fire protection & fireguard services throughout the United States. With fire watch & guard operatives and offices in every state in the union, we always ready to respond when needed.

Fire Safety Code Compliant

As licensed professional fireguards, we have many duties. Our main duties are to comply with state & local fire safety regulations, document & log circumstances of concern, report any probable fire hazards & fire safety oversights, and emergencies.

24/7 Dispatch & Fast Deployment

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard is a national fireguard service provider. We have licensed fire watchmen & women on staff throughout the nation. We’re available on short notice, always have personnel on standby, and we’re always on time.

Industry Standard Equipment

Whether spot thermal cameras or imaging systems are needed, our fireguards are trained on the technical aspects and proper operational practices of all cutting edge fire, gas (airborne particles), & heat detection equipment.

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard is among the most requested and respected fire protection firms in the nation.

References available upon request.

Firewatch Guard On Duty
Experienced Fireguards On Standby 24/7
Support for Hot-Work Sites
Emergency Coverage Available
Fire Marshal Compliant
Insured & Vigorously Trained
Detailed Logs & Periodic Details
Fast Evacuation Training & Planning

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Call 1-800-294-5538 For Fast Service!

Short Notice Service Available!

Fast, Reliable Fire Guard Service

Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard is proud to be one of the most flexible fire protection companies in the nation. We’re prepared to satisfy both long & short term details, emergency service on short notice, and all forms of contracts. Our licensed fireguards will ensure the protection of your business, assets, property, employees, patrons, and the nearby general public. With our fireguards on duty, you can take solace knowing that you have the best fire watch services money can buy on duty, affordably.

Serving All Industries & Businesses

Full-Service Fire Watch Coverage

Our staff has performed fire watch details for different types of businesses and industries. We have extensive experience providing fireguard services for construction sites, office towers undergoing upgrades or construction, dispensaries, concerts & special events, pyrotechnic displays, and hot-work site operations. We also provide coverage during fire alarm system upgrades, sprinkler & water pump maintenance, flash fire concerns, and we’ve also monitored wooded areas that may be prone to fires. Regardless of the why and how of the fire safety concern, we’re available 24/7 as a solution.

The Agency That Serves Your Needs

Businesses Must Be Operational

Our clients have needs. Their most critical needs are operability & reliability. Business that fail to comply with fire marshal regulations will likely be forced to cease operations. At Nationwide Fire Watch & Guard, our staff is always ready to deploy, many of which are former firefighters, 12Ms, or firefighters from another branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Our management & coordination team also consists of former fire fighters and fire code compliance professionals. If you’re searching for a reliable fire watch & guard company in your area, we’re available, effective, and affordable. Have questions? Contact us today.

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